Aditi Balan personal life facts and her biography 2021

Aditi Balan is an Indian film actress who mainly worked in the Tamil film industry. She is involved in famous movies such as Kutty Tale, Cold Case. Kutty Story was Aditi’s previous film in 2021, which hit theatres.

Aditi Balan Actress


Aditi Balan is a Tamil actress known for her debut film Aruvi, where she played Aruvi’s leading role. Nearly all people were fascinated by her mind-blowing film success. Moreover after playing Aruvi’s leading role in Tamil Aruvi, she became popular (2017). She never thought she would be an actor; acting is for her by accident. In her first film, she lost even ten kilograms of weight. She is a trained prosecutor, apart from becoming an actress.

Early Life

Moreover she became a Tamil-based Hindu family in Chennai in 1990. She raised and finished school in the same place and studied at a leading university in Chennai. Her family is still not connect with the film industry, and she is the first to make films. She made her direct debut as lead actor, too, not previously in any advertisements or television broadcast.

Physical Appearance

Moreover she is about 5’7″ high and weighs about 55 kilograms. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is purple.

Personal Life

Aditi Balan is a lawyer and Indian actress. In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, she was born in 1990. In Tamil Film Industry, Aditi Balan works mainly. Her debut with Aruvi on the screen (2017). She came into the forefront of Tamil film Aruvi, released in 2017, through the breakout role “Aruvi.” In this film, Aditi Balan played a unique position, making her different. In the Tamil industry, Aditi Balan looks so beautiful, talented, and famous. She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, Aditi Balan. Their father’s name is not online, their mother’s name and sibling’s name. Unmarried and not dating anyone, Aditi Balan. She is Hindu by faith, and there is no horoscope/sun symbol.


She worked as a theatre artist in Chennai after finishing college. During her workshop, Aditi acted in little drama. One of her friends suggested that she take part in the “Aruvi” film audition. She was test and pick the leading role in the movie. Aruvi is the first film by Arun Prabu Pureushothaman, a Tamil movie released in 2017. The film was screened and received awards at several international festivals. For Aruvi, Aditi is almost two years old. Whereas the viewers and reviewers praise her character in the film exceptionally. She’s looking to sign in Tamil after a promising success in her first film. 

Moreover she is a social satire with a profound sound, suspense, laughter, humor, and tragedy on contemporary money-minded society. More or less, social consciousness has been developed for us. The notion of our modern culture is just about wealth and luxury. Sector areas such as TV, which only performs TRPs, should draw a lesson. With her performance, emotions, and dialogues, Aditi Balan as Aruve is just fantastic. This year, it is without question the best movie from Kollywood if we forget any of the preaching melodramas’ scenes.

Bottom Line:

Aditi Balan is an Indian movie actress who works in Tamil and Malayalam movies in particular. Her role as the Aruvi in the Aruvi film is well-known to her. After finishing her law degree in Chennai, she started her acting career. Her next movie, Aruvi, was widely applaud and awarded a lot to her.

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