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Nowadays, most people have the dream to achieve in the cinema industry. Talking about the actress, Akshara haasan is one of the most well-known actresses in the cinema industry. Everyone knows she is the daughter of Kamal Hasan who is a famous actor in the Tamil cinema industry. There are lots of fans who are also present for her father’s acting skill. The unknown truth is many fans are addicted to Akshara’s acting and her skills.

Akshara haasan biography

Starting Life of Akshara Haasan

She is suitable for the born with silver spoon statement because her family members are also working in the cinema industry. Her daughter is Shruti Hassan who is the dream girl of youngsters. Her hometown is Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Most people do not believe she was born in Tamil Nadu. She has an attractive and wonderful appearance. Her hair color is back but her eye color is an attractive hazel green color. She was born on 12th October 1991 and is 25 years old.

Studies of our Dream Girl

Akshara haasan songs

Akshara haasan did her schooling in Abacus Montessori school which is located in Chennai city. Furthermore, she is also studying at the Brecon High School in Mumbai. In her school life is going nicely. Moreover, she is also very good in her studies and she got the top rank in the schools. Meanwhile, her friends are also admired for her hard work and her growth. She is a naughty girl in her childhood days.

Acheivements in Tamil Industry

Our dream girl has the cutest voice and attractive eyes. Akshara is mentioned in every interview, she is learned many things from her father. She is acting in a few of the films in the tamil industry but in the other languages she plays the many roles in the telugu and hindi industry. Talking about the kadaram kondan, she is acting as the wife character and she is also considered as the pregnant woman in this movie. She is an active social media person and she puts many types of photos, videos on her facebook and instagram posts. The unknown thing is she is an atheist.

Buddhism Love

Recently, her father Kamala Hasan stood and performed in the Tamil Nadu election. At that time, Akshara Hasan collected the votes with her active performer. She and suhasini are dancing in the road for the middle of the people. And then collect the votes for her dad’s victory. Moreover, she posted many pictures during her voting time and she explains her father’s hard work. But unfortunately her father did not succeed in the election. In Spite of, akshara continuously gives her support to her father.  In addition, she has had the most love in Buddhism and she said that buddhism is the way of life which has the most individuals in life.

Struggles of her Beauty

Our beautiful girl has also faced many struggles for her life journey but she never gives up her hard work at any time. She has had a close relationship with her sister Shruti hasan. Yes , shruti and akshara are the lovable sisters for their family. She has also acted with famous and popular actors in the cinema industry. She has got multiple offers and opportunities in the film industry and also she is choosing the most subtle roles for herself. The unknown thing is she was born in chennai, Tamil nadu. Lots of people mistakenly think that she was born in another country.

Career Growth of Akshara Haasan

Talking about her career growth, in her starting days she is working as the Assistant Director. This journey is made with the help of the famous director Rahul Dholakia. It started in 2010 and her journey is moving with the wonderful movements. She has the most popularity in the Tamil cinemas and also she is trying to do the direction. Akshara haasan has thrust in the direction field.

Cuteness Overloaded 

According to the kadaram kondan movie, it is the most popular in the film industry. In this movie, she is one of the lead roles in that movie. Lots of fans are addicted to her cuteness and her acting skills. Despite that, they don’t know the exact way for achieving their dream. Even some of the dreamers are not putting in the effort to achieve their dreams.

Unknown Facts

  • Not only in the Tamil industries, but also has lots of fans in the Telugu industry. She started her dancing career at the age of 8.
  • She has lots of training in dance. Akshara haasan is good in Kuchipudi, Jazz ballroom ballet, hip-hop, and Bharatanatyam.
  • She did the training as a choreographer with the help of a single offer. Before getting involved in acting, she was a good assistant director. She received many opportunities before ‘shamitabh’ and she also agreed to only dance.
  • Akshara Haasan is a fan of Micheal Jackson and he is an inspiration to her. Unfortunately, she is starting to live with her mother after the separation.

Personal Information of our Beauty

Akshara haasan personal details

She continues her status as unmarried and her zodiac sign is libra. Her birthplace is Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Her debut is considered with the help of shamitabh in the Bollywood industry. Akshara haasan mother tongue is Hindi and the religion or caste is Hinduism. Her height in centimeters is 156 cm and her weight in kilograms is 53 kg. She has an attractive and wonderful personality. She is studying in Bangalore’s Indus international school in Bangalore city. Her hobbies are reading and dancing in the stages. she is the youngest child for her family.

Social Media Popularity of Akshara

She has the most popularity in multiple industries. Akshara haasan is an active social media user. She also have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other websites. Lots of fans are following her profile. Furthermore, millions of fans are following her profile page. There are lots of fans are available in her social media pages. She starts to earn more money even at her young age. The talent and smart individuals are helpful for her career growth. She is the well-known wonderful talented woman in the cinema industry.

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