20 Best Tamil Web Series 2020

Tamil movies or web series are always a great source of fun and entertainment. Every Indian like them and all of the plots, characters, and stories in Tamil web series fascinate everyone who is looking forward to seeing them. If you are also among those who wish to watch some best Tamil web series 2020, then here will discuss the best ones available on the list.

The soon you search for them, the soon you will have the content for unlimited fun available, which enhances your mood.

Best Tamil webseries 2020

Auto Shankar

Auto Shankar is one of the best dark web series available which you can pick. Here, you will see a story of Shankar who becomes a Gangster and doing unusual things with women. It is somehow based on true events happening in Chennai in the 80s and focuses on the rise and fall of a Gangster. Here 10 episodes are available, and every episode is of 30 minutes each. Also, the role of Shankar somehow manages to maintain the lead character and take all the steps to let women in his trap. It is unusual to see how he will arrange the things and how he will be going to treat women.


Queen is also one of the best web series because here Chronicles of the life of Shakti Shehasdari is presented, and there is a lot for you to explore. It is based on a novel which is written by Anita Sivakumaran. You will get amazed to see the plots, and the things are presented in a manner that is exactly something which is written in it. Also, you will see that you cannot draw parallels between Jay and Shetty’s life, and the exceptional performance of the actors is up to the mark. This is a compelling story of a woman who is looking forward to digging out best from everything.


Kallachirippu is the best web series in Tamil because of the story plot. It is based on 24-year-old women who are not ready for love marriage but somehow forced into it. She also cheated on her husband and discovered certain characters. Moreover, the sensitive betrayal of a relationship has been shown with the biggest strength. This series focuses on the concept of homophobia, dysfunctional family, patriarchy, same-sex love, adultery, and so on. The plot is also very interesting, and it will let you learn something you have not imagined.


Livin is a comedy web series that will be going to provide you the advantages and disadvantages of a live-in relationship. It is not only focusing on lead characters but also focusing on Tamil society. They have portrayed how Tamil society will going to behave when you are pursuing a live-in relationship. Also, the parents of the lead characters reacted to their decision, which somehow came up with extraordinary behavior. You will be able to see that all the 13 episodes are focusing on the concept, and you will feel light-hearted after watching it. It is a perfect entertaining package available.

As I am suffering from Kadhal

As I’m suffering from Kadhal is directed by Balaji Mohan, and it is focused on modern-day love among all the age groups. Here, you will see that the relationship between a father and daughter is appropriately presented and failed marriage as well. Live-in relationship is also focused that will going to understand what can happen and how you can make things happening around you. Episodes of this romantic comedy enlighten your mood, and it will be going to share a lot of stuff with you, which you have not expected as well.

Virgin Pasanga

Virgin Pasanga is a Tamil adult web series. Only one season is available, and the story is about bachelors who are working together. They are all four and living in the same Apartment. They all get bored with their routine Apartment, and now they are looking forward to getting something excited. Recently, a hot young girl Nisha shifted to their opposite flat. All the boys have a lot to explore now, and all are having Desire, which they wish to fulfill.


Ganja is presented by Black Pasanga and is based on all who are addicted to Ganja. If a person is having the habit of consuming Ganja, then this thriller definitely excites them. They will not be going to feel like it is not worth watching. Also, the stoner is the story that will help you understand a lot about society and about all those who feel like consuming Ganja is not appropriate.


The halfboil is among those Tamil drama web series, which is based on Bromance. This story is presented to you from Madras Central and focuses on three bachelors who are facing a lot of problems when they are staying in Chennai. All of them are searching for a job and surviving to live their life. The screenplay is simple, and one will be able to explore the feeling sad situation young people can go through. Also, some comedy elements are introduced, which let you feel delighted on the same side. After going through this web series, you will see that there is a lot of struggle you can do when you live alone.


If you are looking forward to the Tamil web series, which will enlighten your mood with comedy, then Mitta is best to choose. Here, the plot will be going to revolve around 4 characters, especially Prabha’s Aalu, she is Sathu’s girlfriend, and she sell a bag of weed. The bag of weed belongs to the peddler friend. Also, they will be going to face a lot of unexpected situations just because they are selling weed.

Fuck Buddies

Fuck buddies are among those Tamil web series which is based on adult and about their Romance. Worldwide it is released on MX Player. Also, you will see a lot, and the relationship between the couple is up to the mark. From their first hot date, they will be going to explore a lot. It is quite interesting to see how they both are managing things with each other and how they are exploring their sexual life. Also, sexual exploration presented in this web series will not let you feel like you are missing something. This will definitely and lighten your mood and will let you explore something more with your partner.

Nila Nila Odi Vaa

Nila Nila ODI Vaa is a horror, comedy, and romantic web series available for you. Here a total of 13 episodes are available, and the story is somewhere having a plot of a Vampire. Here there is a love story between humans and Vampire is portrayed, and the love story is so very amazing that no one has expected them. In this web series, there is a lot of suspense waiting for you, and here, a person needs to move forward to explore things independently. Moreover, the lead role female needs to kill human, and somehow, she fell in love with one ending with him only.


Fingertip also hit in the category of best Tamil web series available. Here to till 5 episodes are available, and all of them come up with a different subject. Greed, rage, betrayal, lust, and Vengeance is the motive with which the episodes are presented to you. Also, each of the episodes comes up with a different subject and narrates a different story. Here you will be going to explore the Dark Side of Technology and see how things change within a while. There is a lot for you to explore, and also, one will be able to understand the side effects of social media platforms available. For all those who are fond of watching web series, this will hit at the top.


Memories are also an amazing web series available for you. Here, the story may sound unrealistic to you, but somehow, it is real. Also, here it will be going to roam around a TV anchor that has superpowers with him. Also, the superpower available with him will let him get access to the mind of a dead person. Rohit Roy played the role of TV anchor. They are using him to solve some crime cases. But sometimes things get worse when the girl is in a coma, and there is a lot of risk and threat to the person’s life. Also, the plot is very amazing, that you will not miss anything.

American mappillai

American mappillai is a web series that will be going to roam around comedy only. Here, you will be going to get a strong message, and you will enjoy it. You will not feel that this story is not interested in. Moreover, this story will revolve around a character Ganesh, and he always gets engaged in arguing with his father to get married. Also, his father decided that he is gay, and he just wants to get sure about it. Each of the episodes available will come up with different colors and also depict different emotions. Also, many explore the series more. You will see that here a lot is there, which can let you understand the plot easily.

Vella Raja

Vella Raja is also one of the best Tamil web series available. If you like to engage in adult stories and crime boss, then this one is the best choice for you. You will not feel like that it is not up to the mark of something is missing. Also, the plot revolves around the crime boss, and also it will take a ride to characters who found them into situations where suspense is there. Also, not only suspense, you will be able to get some plots linked with fun as well. This web series will not let you feel bored, even for a single moment. The soon you will be able to watch it, soon you will be able to enjoy the content.

Door no. 403

Door no. 403 is also an amazing comedy Tamil web series available to you. Here you will see a story of friends who started living together. Friends are always known to be the second family, and this Tamil web series will portray the same. Also, here you will see that the bond guys are sharing is up to the mark, and five friends live in the same house. The craziness will drive you crazy and will warm your heart as well. It will make you feel good, and you will remember your friends.

Iru Dhuruvam

Iru Dhuruvam is a plot going to revolve around emotions, mind games, action, and humor. This web series will give you an idea about serial killings if you have watched Auto Shankar you can understand it easily. Also, here the psychopath killer leaves everyone so shocked, and now things are not getting solved. The dedicated police officer will be going to solve the mystery and working hard on it to make things better. You will be going to enjoy this because here, suspense is a lot that will let you wait for a moment about what will happen next.


Postman is also one of the best Tamil series you can have this time. Here, the story will be going to revolve around a postman whose name is Raja. He met an accident when he was 23 years old, and when he woke up, he was 23 years back. Also, now Raja and his daughter Rajini are looking forward to delivering all the undelivered letters. The web series is significant, and here you will see that a postman is so dedicated towards his duty. Also, 6 episodes are there, and every episode comes up with suspense. You will not regret watching it because here you will be going to understand what dedication is all about.

Kalyanam conditions apply

Kalyanam conditions apply a great pleasure to watch because here, the plot is about Romance and drama. Here you will be going to see the day to day life of a cute couple, and they all are focusing on things in a manner that everything can get managed. After love marriage, they completely took the perspective of a common man, and now they are struggling with their day-to-day activities. This is fun to watch because here the plot is so interesting and has a lot of suspense which will drive you crazy.


Topless is an action drama series, and the story will be going to begin with, three different gangs. All of them are searching for suspicious paintings, and their goal is to get it as soon as possible. Moreover, all these Gangsters having different goals to get the painting. It is interesting to see how the characters are getting engaged in the Quest, and the breakthrough suspense will drive you crazy. Here dark comedy is included along with adult content. Parental guidance is necessary if kids are looking forward to watching it.


These are the best Tamil web series available, and we hope that you like them. If you have anything else to say about it and you wish to know more, than do let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you with an answer to the same query and will also help you in getting the best web series available right in front of you.

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