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This beautiful actress is a popular face among youngsters for her acting skills, style statement and she got this popularity because of her role as Twinkle Tanja in Tasha e-Ishq and Teri in Dil Se Dil Tak.  Bigg boss Jasmin bhasin has also been part of Great shows like Fear factor which is also known as Keaton ke khiladi in 2019 and Big Boss 14 (2020). The way she has played both of the seasons it was quite commendable and people has literally appreciated her for this.

Jasmin bhasin actress

Upcoming projects

However, Bigg boss jasmin bhasin has remained quite open about her relationships with her fans but she has not truly and completely informed people about her works.  She says, she is upto many projects but she would like to reveal when the right time will be.  There is so much going and on she is working day and night for all of them.  Since she has participated she has lots of projects in her hands but she wants to do some good works and choose wisely.  Recently we have also got to see her new released videos and how wonderfully she has worked into that. She has worked in an album produced by Tony kakkar and sung by Neha Kakkar and in the video she has paired up with her boyfriend Ali Goni.

Life after big reality shows

We have seen her in great reality shows and both of the reality shows were a life changes for Jasmin Bhasin. Indeed, she has also worked hard for this day and she thanks her stars for everything he has in her life. Bigg boss jasmin bhasin originally belongs to Kota, born in a Sikh family where her family does not belong to this kind of industry.  She is also the first female person who stepped out for further studies and who went outside completed her studies from there.  In many of her interviews she told that her parents supported her so much when she told then that she wants to be an actress.  So she began with modelling and she just grew nicely into her career and never ever looked back. It was 2011, when she began her career and in this one decade she has grown so beautifully.  She says whoever sees a dream they must see and they also should work in a constant direction to make them a reality.

Bigg boss jasmin bhasin

Will she get married or focus on her career?

She said these two are separate things but of course both of them are equally important and have a role in everyone’s life.  Those who have question for her, so Jasmin said she is pondering over this and she would reveal when she decides about this thing.  Career is also something she would never give up on and it is her pick time so she would definitely take good care of her career and focus on it. Bigg boss jasmin bhasin and Aly Goni had met on the sets of Fear Factor and since then they have been a good friend of each other.  It was big when both of them had realised that this is more than just a friendship or a good friendship.

On the other hand, both of them had proposed each other on the sets of Big boss and confessed their love for each other there.  Fans too have liked their tuning and bonding both offscreen and onscreen and they had expressed they would love to see both of them starting their life together. So in short, it was a lovely and beautiful love story which has given both of them a new way to discover something about themselves.  They are truly in state of gratitude that these two reality show had not just brought them together but it has also brought them so many good opportunities.

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She is up to many projects and she would definitely work if she finds something worth working for.  You can follow her on her social media account and follow her for more updates.  In fact, there is many things to discover about her and download her all pictures, videos and anything you want to know about her. And you can even stay with us for getting everything more easily and in a better way.  There is a lot to discover about and there is yet to learn about her.

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