Bigg boss Rubina Dilaik Biography and Personal Life

The winner of big boss Rubina Dilaik has not just won the game but also millions of heart.  She has also convinced people for her acting skills, currently she is living in Mumbai.  Her roles in the shows like ‘Aditya Ka Ehsaas’, ‘Choti Bahu’ and recently Big boss is said to be the best.  She is a popular Television actress who has won hearts through her hard work.

Rubina dilaik career

Rubina Dilaik Current projects and her life

Since she has won ‘Big boss’, she is up to many projects and currently she is working upon them. Rubina has also worked on some of the album recently and they all went viral, this had got released by Tony kakkar. Overall, people are appreciating her hard work and dedication.

Her upbringing and idea of moving to Television industry

Well, when she had moved to Mumbai she never knew that she is going to be such popular and famous.  She really worked for this place day and night, originally she is from Shima, Himachal Pradesh, India. big boss Rubina Dilaik began with acting in the year 2008, by that time she did not knew much about this acting industry she only knew she has come to Mumbai with some big dreams.  This city is famous h or giving wings to every dreamers and she had only two things when she had come here, her talent and faith.

Bigg boss winner rubina dilaik

Also, she just worked day and night for it to accomplish her big dreams and measures while she learnt lots of things.  However, she has completed all her education from Shimla itself, after then she had moved to Mumbai.  She used to be a very bright student and also a national champion in debate during get school days. On the other hand, it is less known people that she was also the Miss North India pageant held at Chandigarh.  This actually boosted her confidence to check chance on desire and dreams, also check up stereotypes career at her family.

Rubina Dilaik Interviews

In many of her interviews, people say that she was very different since childhood very rough and tough,  big boss Rubina Dilaik was quite determined kind of person.  This was the reason even after belonging such a small town and city she dared to believe and tale chance for her dreams. It was between 2008 to 2013 since she worked literally so hard because she knew if she does this for few years it will bring her only luck and fame.  Also it was her dedication towards her profession that she always chose that first in any parallel.  In fact, Rubina is also one of those kind of person who happens to be bravest among her family because it was first time any girl stepped out family and worked this hard for her dream and career.

Rubina dilaik actress

Big boss happened and changed her life

By the way, Rubina is someone who believes in hard work and then she believes there is some superior power who sends you that luck.  This big boss think happened into her life and it completely changed her life even since then. Big boss is something which is one of famous reality show in India and all the 14 celebrities gather together and spend few months together.

Big boss Rubina Dilaik literally played well and it also taught her lots of things that she said would help her in career.  In an interview Rubina in fact, said, big boss is a journey which teaches lots of things about self, people and life.  Life here seems from a different angel and everything here is challenging and so different for each celebrity. On the other hand, she had participated with her husband Abhinav Shukla and they both played so well, enthusiastically.  Her fans did appreciate her and liked pair of both in the Big boss.

More update on big boss Rubina Dilaik

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