Bigg Boss Tamil Star Vijay Tv Reality Show Wiki Plot, Registration, Audition, Promo, Timing and Host

Bigg Boss Tamil Star Vijay Tv Reality Show : As we all know that Big Boss is the current TV show grabs the whole Tamil audience across the world. It is also said to be one of the biggest show to handle by the Kamal Hassan. Also, it is the first show that he started to host in Tamil. It is the show being telecasting in Vijay TV with top TRP ratings among the other reality shows. Bigg Boss season 1 is the show which is the remake of Big Boss hindi which was being hosted by Salman khan. Generally, this is the show has millions of fans across the nation to watch.

Bigg Boss with 15 contestants

The show started with 15 contestants as they are the generally known celebrities. For information, depends on the activities of the contestants, each week they will be nominated for eviction. So based on the public voting, the contestants will be eliminated from the show. This is the rule which was also following in Bigg Boss Hindi. Most of the viewers are feeling that this show has an interesting thing to watch daily for one hour.

Bigg Boss Tamil Star Vijay Tv Reality Show Registration process

We all know that most of the viewers are feeling to know about the registration process to participate in Big Boss show. It is very simple for the viewers to proceed. By following the simple steps, the candidates can easy to step forward. Let’s check out that what all the requirement need is before applying for Big Boss

1. First of all the interested candidates must visit the official website of the Vijay TV.

2. Once you enter the website, you need to search for the Bigg Boss show registration.

3. Now, you can follow the registration form available in online.

4. There you may find the required details like name, DOB, Address, Facebook profile, Twitter handle and more.

5. After filling the required valid details, you should click the tick to agree with the terms and conditions and submit it.

Bigg Boss Tamil Star Vijay Tv Reality Show Audition

Many of the people may feel that how to enter the door of Bigg Boss as a common audience. It is actually very simple to check out. First of all, people should visit the Vijay TV website to register first. Based on the registration process only, the common people will allow for the audition. Once you visited the website, you will know all the information regarding the Audition. To participate in this popular show, people should visit the official site to apply.

Bigg Boss Tamil Star Vijay Tv Reality Show Promo

It is the main thing that always getting ready to grabbing the attention of the viewers. Vijay TV has already editing the best promo before the episode will being telecasting on TV. This helps to bring the curiosity for the next episode to watch. This is the thing which is happening regularly with the Vijay TV in recent days. So promos are always the best part for the channel to watch the episodes on time without missing.

Bigg Boss Tamil Star Vijay Tv Reality Show Timing

When comes to timing, the show telecasting daily at night from 9pm to 10.30 pm. So the viewers who aren’t aware of the timing before watch can follow this timing to watch at Vijay TV.

Bigg Boss Tamil Star Vijay Tv Reality Show Host

It is very special for all the people to watch him on small screen for the most popular reality show. It is none another than ulaga nayagan kamal Hassan. He is the one who brings all the viewers for his amazing screen presence. His screen presence during the eviction and weekend will always be the best part to watch. People who all are missing this show to watch on Television can also watch on Hotstar.

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