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Pugazh is a comedian and an Indian actor who works mainly on Tamil TV. He’s best known in Star Vijay’s TV show “Sirippu Da” for his standup comedy and imitating (2016). He recently made headlines as the reports arrived in the media about his involvement in the famous television show Cooku with Comali Pugazh. He will be one of the likely competitors in the next season, according to sources.

Who is pugazh

Pugazh is a well-known standout comedian, Cooku With Comali Pugazh, for his stage name. He is a talented actor who likes to do Standup Comedy on Vijay TV, a popular TV channel. His comali function in Cooku with comali became popular.

Cooku with Comali Pugazh

Early Life

Pugazh Born in Cuddalore, Tamilnadu, November 14, 1990. As of 2021, Pugaz’s age is 31 years. He’s been born into a family of the medium class. In Sri Padaleswarar Higher Secondary School, Pugazh learned to 10th grade. For family considerations, he stopped his studies. He has siblings but can no longer find his identity. He’s still single and didn’t engage anyone. It belongs to the Hindu faith and is not known about the caste of the family.

Physical Appearance

Pugazh is an attractive guy with a nice look. He has a solid frame with excellent dimensions of his physique and body. The weight of his body is around 80 kg, and he is 6 inches tall. Pugazh is an attractive guy with a nice look. He has a solid frame with excellent dimensions of his physique and body. The weight of his body is around 80 kg, and he is 6 inches tall. He has black curly locks, and his dazzling black eyes make him more charming. No muscle body tattoo is linked.

Personal Life

Pugazh was born in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, in a Tamil family. He studied and graduated from St. Joseph and Sri Padaleswarar, both from his homeland. He now lives in Chennai, and it is now his place of employment. According to the sources, Pugazh is single and unmarried.


The Hindu family from Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India, belongs to Pugazh. He is a national Indian, and he has faith in the Hindu religion. Pugazh dad is a professional servant. His family is close, and he enjoys spending time with them. He lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, at the moment. His older brother and sister have two brothers as well. There are no rumors of him marrying any women. He holds a single status. Also, his personal life is very private.


After showing Cooku with Comali Pugazh soared to popularity. He moved to Chennai to work because of financial difficulties and used to work at Prasad Studios for a water purification firm. Comali on the cooku, Pugazh likes to play, though, and is skilled in mimic and stand-up comedy. He visited his long-standing friend Baana Kaathadi’s Udhaya Raj and attended his 6th audit of the Kalakka Povathu Yaaru Season. Still, he did not show up on stage. However, he never gave up; he worked hard and got work in Vijay TV as a tech servant. 

He even played alongside KPY Dheena in Sirippu Da shows. Finally, he took the opportunity to play the part of Anniyan as a lady who drew the crowd’s attention. After his victory in the Kpy Final, he performed with all the contestants in the Cooku with Comali show . He took advantage of the chance and performed well, and won an event in the films. Cocktail, Murugan’s Ra Vijaya film starring Yogi Babu, was a cameo.

Acting Career of Pugazh

Pugazh moved to Chennai and worked for life every day. Finally, he got a job in a water-wash shed next to the studios of Prasad. He met his old friend “Udhaya Raj” Baana Kaathadi, named “Povathu Kalakka Yaaru Season 6,” but was not chosen by fortune. So he again went into the studio as an IT workman and even performed cameo roles with KPY Dheena on the show “Sirippu Da.” Later on, Pugazh caught the attention of top authorities and had an opportunity to be part of the Cook With Comali show, an event he was broadcast on Star Vijay. Later, he was a lady at KPy-Final and his annoyance success in “Super singer.” This demonstration marks a turning point in his career.


Pugazh has unmarried marital status. He has one standing and no gossip dates about him. There’s no girl. In addition, his personal life is very private.

Unknown Facts

  • His name is Pugazh, and he used to call him by this name with close friends and family members.
  • He’s been born into a family of the medium class.
  • Before moving to TV, he worked in a Car Washing Shed.
  • At work, he is interest in playing Pubg.
  • He likes to drive, read books, and have a hobby in photography.
  • He also worked on a water-washing shed in Prasad Studios to earn a daily living wage until he could make a difference in the industry.
  • It’s a non-vegetarian diet.
  • He also auditioned for “Kalakka Povathu Yaaru” in Stage 6 for the TV reality show, but he could not do it through the selection round.
  • He also appeared in the Tamil film ‘Cocktail’ to be on the Zee5 digital channel, and Pugazh makes his filmmaking debut with this role.


Pugazh receives a 5-10,000 income per show. He is now in the start stage so that after more chances of acting in movies, he can get more revenue.

Bottom Line

The popular comedian Pugazh is known for the works on the TV channel of Star Vijay. He has appeared in many comedy shows such as KPY, Athu Ithu, Ethu, and Sirippuda. After he took part in the Reality Show with Cooku with Comali Pugazh came to the limelight. He began then in all of the shows broadcast on Star Vijay TV with guest roles.

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