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Gauri G Kishan was born on 17th August 1998 in Kochi, India. She was born to the couple Geeth Kishan and Veena Kishan. She has a brother Govind G Kishan. Gauri has done her journalism in Christ University Bangalore. Presently she lives in Bangalore, India. Gauri G Kishan Biography is one of the attractive articles.


Gauri G Kishan Biography

Real Name: Gouri G Kishan
Nick Name: Gouri
Date of Birth: 17/08/1998
Age: 19
Nationality: Indian
Birth Place: Ernakulam
Profession: Actress
Debut Film: 96 (2018)

Physical Stats

Height (Aprox.): 158 cm
Weight (Aprox.): 50kg
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brown

Personal Life

Home Town/State: Cochin, Kerala
Languages Known: Tamil, Kannda, English, Malayalam
School: The Hindu Higher Secondary School, Chennai
Sri Sankara Seniors Secondary School, Chennai
College: Christ University, Bangalore
Educational Qualification: Graduation in Journalism


Father Name:  Geeth Kishan
Mother Name: Veena Kishan
Brother(s): Govind G Kishan
Religion: Hindu
Hobbies: Music, Traveling
Marital Status: Unmarried

Her career

Gauri G Kishan has graduated in journalism at Christ University Bangalore. She is more passionate towards journalism field, unfortunately, she had a chance to act in a movie. She had an opportunity to act by her uncle, her uncle is a friend of director C.Premkumar and through that, she got this opportunity. With her family support, she entered into this film industry.

A career in the film industry

In 2018 she acted in a Tamil romantic drama movie 96 which was written and directed by C. Prem Kumar. Leading roles in this movie are Trisha Krishnan and Vijay Sethupathi. In this movie, Gauri G Kishan played as a younger role of Trisha Krishnan. Govind Menon is the music composer of this movie; Mahendran Jayaraju and Shanmugam Sundaram are the cinematographers for this movie. This movie was released on 4th October 2018.

Interview discussion

Role in the film 96

Gauri G Kishan played the younger role of Trisha Krishnan which was lovely and natural. Her name in that movie was Janaki Devi she used to sing only Janaki songs in this movie. She is a very good singer in this movie. Gauri had an affair with her classmate Adhitya who acted like a younger version of Vijay Sedhupathi. She performed her best it does not resemble as she is acting for her first movie.

Gauri wholeheartedly did justice for her role where others could not do this as much better than her. She has worked a lot to this movie, every audience will surely recollect their past school life during those scenes in on the screen. In this movie, she has to perform in early ’96 way of expression. During those days there are no social Medias familiar so she has to express herself in those days she was well trained by the director and did her the best.

In most of the trailers and songs which has been released for the film 96 Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan has been popular and many have noticed that new budding star Gori Kishan who played the younger version of the leading actress Trisha Krishnan.

Qualification &  Opportunity

Gauri G Kishan who is from Chennai, She got this offer when she was doing her school day that is when she was studying 12th standard after completing the board exams she entered into the industry. And then she has also joined her journalism course in Bangalore. She plays the younger version of Trisha Krishnan. She got this opportunity only because of her uncle. He conveyed this message to Gouri that director Prem Kumar was searching for an actress of a different role so as soon as she went for the audition and screen test and eventually she was selected by them. She was informed that shooting would happen in Kumbakonam and Thanjavur.

Experience Faced by Gauri

After reaching her first shot started, but since it was her first film she could not give her the best in the first shot the director wanted the exact performance in every scene so she was asked to attend the acting workshops in order to build her confidence level and in order to get experience. She herself came to know that she does not perform well equivalent to her partner and so she joined 7-day course as per directors advice she attended the classes.

Gauri shares that this film has a beautiful script and she enjoyed performing all the romantic scenes. She says that at one point of time in everybody’s life there would have been a love story this movie is related to a practical life, so in each and every shot the scenes which were traveling back in time that is every individual will go back to their school daily life.

Here most of the scenes where natural happening in every one life. Most of the scenes in this movie are emotional. She has worked a lot for this movie she has done each and every scene wholeheartedly. Her family is big fans of cinema for every weekend they will go watch movies in the theatre. But acting in front of the camera was a very different experience. Initially, since she was taken for the younger version of Trisha she started following Trisha Krishnan Instagram and in all social media what all her likes and dislikes. And even director asked Gauri to lose her weight and to be diet conscious since she is doing Trisha role. So for this movie she has reduced for about 5 kgs.

Happiness of Gauri

After completing this movie and when the trailer was launched my friends recognized me and after the release of this movie all my surroundings and my fans started to call me as Janaki Devi and she is very happy that she went to audience mind and she was much impressed by the audience. And now presently she is doing her Journalism course in Bangalore in Christ University and she thought that this film is not familiar in Bangalore and all, but she happily says that in most of the ringtones Kadhalea Kadhalea BGM song is famous. And most of the teenagers hum this song. This song became more famous. She is very happy that her first film is her big project and it became hit in the box office and the audience accepted me warmly.

Her aim is to do different projects and in different roles which should be unique and also she is very much interested in journalism too.

Personal life

Gauri G Kishan her nickname is Gauri and Janu who has excellently performed in the movie 96, she has done the best in that movie she used to always be in a smiling face. Her eye color is black and her hair color is light brown. Her hobbies are reading books, dancing and listening to music. During her leisure time, she used to spend time with her pet dog. She is fond of dogs.

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