How to vote favorite celebrity on Vijay TV big boss show tamil?

Big Boss is a new reality TV show telecasted by Vijay TV. The show is hosted by the legendary actor Kamal Hasan, with 15 contestants, 30 cameras for 100 days in a single home. The concept is new for the Tamil audience; we have never seen such reality shows in our regional channels. The show has kick started on June 25th, 2017. Now the show at its initial stage gets more appreciation as well as critics. From the one week of telecast the trends in all the social media networks captioning with the highlights and bloopers of the program.

Big Boss show

The main intention of the show is to survive in the home as long as possible in the specified 100 days. The contestant should remain in the house for the total of 100 days to become a winner. There are some framed rules and regulations followed in the big boss house. The 15 members inside the house are banned from the outer part of the world and must stay in the house for 100 days without using any technological gadgets to connect with others. The members in the house should accomplish all their needs within themselves. This is an adventures show with weekly eliminations. So the contestants must know the facts and play genuine to avoid the elimination and stay with their housemates.

Big Boss contestants

The contestants for the big boss show are celebrities from the Tamil cinema except some of them. They have arrested inside the house for 100 days and also banned from the outer world connection. They also face the elimination process every week, so they need some support from the public to avoid the elimination. The contestants have signed an agreement for participating in the show. So there is no exception allowed for them to reverse their decision.

Nomination for eliminations

Every week each contestant should nominate two of their housemates for elimination. Then the big boss will inform the top three nominates a name for the next week elimination process. Finally, the elimination will take place along with the public voting and the contestant’s nomination. This process will continue until the last week of the show. Then the final three members will be allowed for the previous week. Then the winner will be selected based on the public voting. The person who gets the least vote will be eliminate from the gameplay.

How to vote for your favorite celebrity on Vijay TV ?

You can also vote for your favorite celebrities who have participated in the big boss show. Your votes will help them to remain in the contests. The voting will be obtained from online mode. You can send your votes from Vijay TV big boss voting site or directly from your mobile phone by sending a missed call. The voting number for the big boss show given along with the contestant’s name and their code or missed number. You must send a message from your mobile by including the details like name and their code or missed call number. On online, you can send 50 votes per day.

Contestants and their code or missed call number

1. For voting kanja karuppu- use 7210122305

2. For voting Bharani- use 7210122303

3. For voting Juliana- use 7210122308

4. For voting oviya- use 7210122310

5. For voting shree- use 7210122312 left from the show

6. For voting anuya- use 7210122302 already eliminated

For other, we will update the details very soon.

Steps for voting on online

· Check for the big boss show or big boss voting site from the Google.

· Then enter your nomination name on the site. There are three names provided every week.

· Then select any of them and confirm your vote.

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