Is A.R Rahman composing music in Vijay movie Bigil?

Popular actor Vijay movie Bigil has planned to release during the time of Diwali. This movie is completely based on women’s rights. Discussion going to cinema industry that this movie is going to become very popular and the collection for this movie will be unexpectable.

Recently on YouTube, a song singae pennea has become very popular and within a short period, millions of viewers viewed.

It has been planned to release the music for the movie Bigil on August 10th in Chennai. Music director AR Rehman shared in an interview that he will sing the singae pennea song in the release day function.

AR Rehman fans are more excited for the day to come since before the film releases the great legend AR Rehman is going to sing the popular song singae pennea.

The director of the movie says that the song has come out well and every song in the movie Bigil are different and interesting. Undoubtedly the songs in this movie will be excellent since the music director is the great music legend AR Rehman the ultimate man in composing Music. The director is very happy to announce that the music release date is scheduled for August 10th, 2019.

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