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Indian Film Industry has different stars who belong to several niche and genres. Some may be the best in performing comedy roles, some could be great in performing lead roles, and some stars may be amazing in performing even parallel roles and guest roles too. However, acting is a gift and of course a skill that needs a lot of support to get highlighted in the film industry. To let you know, Indian Cinema has a wide range of opportunities, and if you want to become a star, then you surely have to work hard for it, believing in yourself and of course your talent as well. 

lijomol Jose Indian film Actress

Just like, other popular stars of the Malayalam Film Industry, here we have got, Lijomol Jose, who is another rising star of Indian Cinema, and who is now pursuing her career pretty great in the Malayalam film industry. If you are very keen to know more about the actress Lijomol Jose, then here we have got a lot of information that will help you through. 

Lijomol Jose career

Lijomol Jose is a rising Indian actress, who appears in Indian films, especially in Malayalam and Tamil Cinemas overall. However, she first started her acting career with the Malayalam film industry, in 2016. Well, she first appeared in a very popular hit of the Malayalam film industry known as Maheshinte Prathikaaram, which was released in 2016, leaving the box office to awe-inspiring views and welcome. This even made ways to grow a lot in her acting career, as she received many movies and acting offers after she performed extremely well, in her first movie though. 

After her first movie debut of 2016, known as Maheshinte Prathikaaram, she also got opportunities, to act in Kattappanayile, Rithwik Roshan, which was released in the same year 2016. After both these projects, the actress also received her third film known as Honey Bee 2.5 that was released in 2017. However, she has done a lot well, in all of these movies, but all of them in the Malayalam industry though, however, she is actually receiving a lot of acting opportunities from other Film industries too such as Tamil, Telugu as well. 

Lijomol Jose


About Lijomol Jose        
Name Lijomol Jose
Nickname  Lijomol
Profession Actress
First Film Maheshinte Prathikaaram
Other debut movies Maheshinte Prathikaaram, Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan, Honey Bee 2.5, Streetlights, etc.
Eye and Hair color Black
Place of Birth Idukki Kerala
Date of Birth 1st January 1992
Father Name Rajeev
Mother Name Lisamma


Personal life and Career

Lijomol, the actress’s father, Rajeev is a businessman, who has his own business, and the actress’s mother Lisamma works for the forest department of Kerala. However, the actress, Lijomol is currently pursuing her education in the Information and Library science department, in Pondicherry University, as in the post-graduation course though. Her younger sister Liya is also pursuing her post-graduation degree though. The actress actually started her career with the Television channel Jai Hind TV, as the staff reporter, and it was her first start with the professional career on the screen. 

This was that time when she was auditioning for her first debut film, Maheshinte Prathikaaram in the year 2016. In this particular film, she plays the role of an Idukki village girl, wherein the shooting place was set in the backdrop of Idukki village of Kerala itself. However, the movie has gained a lot of popularity in the Malayalam film industry though, and the actress also started getting more offers for the film industry as well. Well, the role of the actress in the particular film was a little short but yet, the audience welcomed the actress a lot and it opened a lot of doors of opportunities for the actress with respect to the same Malayalam industry too. 

In the second debut film of the actress, she gained a lot of popularity that helped her to become more successful as well. Though, the actress had a small short role in her first debut film, but yet her village girl role managed to gain a lot of fame amongst the audience, and it also helped her to go on with her acting career in other films as well. After the first debut film, her second film offered her a brightening role that actually was welcomed by the audience to a great extent for sure. 

Lijomol jose photo

Upcoming Films 

There are more such films coming of this particular actress from the Malayalam industry though, and there are a lot of fans for Lijomol Jose, of course, there are more fans for the actress in the entire south film industry, and there would be more such films for the actress, both in Tamil and Malayalam industry though. Well, you can simply wait for more films of the actress and of course, the fans are expecting her movies to be more hit releases and a popular blockbuster list though. 

Hence, now you might be simply aware of Lijomol Jose and her entire biography for sure, and of course, the fans are actually waiting for more such films in both Malayalam and Tamil film industry for sure. Yet, this was the entire details and the information of the actress Lijomol Jose. 

Lijomol jose Malayalam actress

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