Master deleted scene released officially on Amazon Prime

As we all know that Master movie has released almost a month back and garnered so much appreciation for the lead casts like Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sedhupathi. Apart from casts, music done by Aniruth and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj who has done great movies like Managaram and kathi. Well, the hype for the movie among the movie goers was sky high despite, covid 19. However, movie garnered decent reviews from critics and highly positive reviews from general audience. After such release, we can see that Master deleted scene released and make the people to think like why this scene chopped from movie.

Master deleted scene released

Basically, it is such a scene starts from Vijay lecture taking class about MS dhoni and why he is cool from others. However, suddenly student interrupts class and telling about savitha that her parents are ready to compromise the sexual harassment issue happened due to other students. And those boys students also reached Principal room to compromise Savitha’s parents. However, JD tells about the incident and turned the boys parents towards them it selves. Now, this Master deleted scene grabbed the huge attention among people.

What is the exact reason to cut Master deleted scene from movie?

After watching the deleted scene, most of the fans and common people raised the query like what is necessary to delete this important scene from movie. At the same time, we can see that most of the people are appreciating this scene for delivering the great message. Even most of the fans believe that this scene will be appreciated by global fans soon as it contains universal content. Also, this master deleted scene is garnering more views in YouTube. Let’s see that where the final views will get fallen.

25th day Master Movie celebration

Before a month, most of the theatre owners were worried about the releases due to covid. Now, everything has changed because of only Thalapathy Vijay. Also, due to Master release, other state industries are also getting confident in releasing the long time pending movies in theatres only. Now, Radhe shyam,KGF Chapter 2, Radhe and other notable movies are getting ready for the releases soon. Recently, we can see that Master movie successfully ran over 25 days and spreads happiness among Theatres owners and fans.

Also, one should keep it in mind that this Movie has been launched directly on OTT Amazon prime. Despite this release, Master movie is gathering huge number of footfalls. This shows that no family audiences will be stopped from visiting Master movie only in Theatres.

Rumours about Thalapathy 65

Recently, Thalapathy 65 update has been released officially by Sun network. Yes, they are the production house and music director also revealed along with director for next movie of Vijay. As per sources, Nelson who directed Doctor and Kolamaavu kokila would be the director of Vijay’s next. And, young sensation Aniruth is again for Thalapathy 65 after Kaththi and Master. Recently, Master tracks are gaining huge appreciation by the people. Hopefully, we can expect great tracks and BGMs from aniruth. Well, have to wait for remaining crew members to confirm. According to the sources, Kiara advani of MS Dhoni movie fame, Butta Bomma sensation Pooja Hegde and India’s crush tag holder for 2020 Rashmika mandana are in talks for Thalapathy 65. Let’s wait for the official news to be revealed soon.

Expectations of next master deleted scenes

On the other side, people are hoping that more Master deleted scenes will be released soon. Hopefully, those scenes will also create an impact among the people in upcoming days. Also, we believe some of the deleted scenes are due to length of the movie has been chopped from movie. But people didn’t expect that why such an important scene has been deleted. But one thing is sure that length would be considering as a main factor.


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