Neeya Nana Program in Vijay TV, Anchor, Topics, Full Details

Neeya Nana talk show is one of the awareness program listed out in Vijay TV show. Are you looking for the Anchor, Topics, useful information and full details of Neeya Nana? Then this is one of the right pages. Scroll down for more details.
Neeya Nana details, Information

Neeya Nanais the most famous Talk show in one of the regional Channel known as, Vijay TV. Neeya Nana program timing is, 9 to 11 pm. Even though Neeya Nana was initially launched in the year of 2006, it becomes popular recent years. Powerful topics and hottest speech includes with full real information is carried out in this program. Yes, the topics in this show includes with each and every corner of words for sure without any doubt. And this program is really followed by many followers comprised from young kids to senior most citizens.
Neeya Nana Anchor is our all time favourite, Gopinath. At the time of starting in the year of 2006, Anchor of Neeya Nana was Anthony Thirunelveli. Gopinath hosting is very valuable and hottest speech. Yes, everyone will watch this program with the mind-blowing speech of our Gopinath. Everyone is very crazy about his wonderful speech. Gopinath always stands in Justice Corner. He won’t encourage the person who stands for the opposing in Justice.

Neeya Nana Anchor
Neeya Nana Topics List
Neeya Nana Topics will be very different and elegant to everyone. Each and every topic in this show will motivate everyone at any situation for sure without any type of doubt. Yes, this show opened so many eyes, which made many people to guide in a proper way. Some of the Neeya Nana hottest topics lists are following below:

·         Why do kids tend to speak English
·         Husband Vs Wife
·         Love in point of view from today’s ladies
·         Stress related to life
·         Why do students hate home or school environment
·         Meesai (Moustache)
·         Why Boy’s Reject to Marry City Girls
·         Teachers Vs Students
·         Beautiful Girls vs Brilliant Girls
·         Youngsters Love Do’s and Don’ts
·         Dad Vs Son
·         Dowry importance and it’s inside Pain
·         Do Ghosts Exist
·         Love marriage Vs Arrange Marriage
·         Life After marriage
·         CCTV camera Plus and Minus

Neeya Nana Show Full Details
Neeya Nana Show is of about 2 hours of powerful speech. Chief guests relating to the topic will come forward for this show and after concerning the entire speech from both sides the true fact and things should be change will be enlighten at the last. Chief guests used to narrate and highlight the importance of the topic and real time example in their experience. So, this show is like not only for the time pass and also for the real happening. There are many fans and viewers for this show all over the world.

Yes, apart from the expectation the show is now running as more and more successful. Everyone wishes to participate in this show to make a note of the happenings in each topic. So, let’s take this show as the voice of true citizens without any doubt.

Hats off to Gopinath and Neeya Nana team!!!

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