Nithya Ram Biography, Wiki and complete Profile

Nithya Ram Biography : Nithya Ram was born on 1990 in Karnataka. She started her career as an actress in the Kannada film industry. Now she is playing a leading role in Tamil serial named as Nandhini in Sun TV. Nithya Ram also has a younger sister named as Rachita Ram. She got a graduate degree in biotechnology. Being a classical dancer always passionate about to become an actress. Her father K.S Ramu and sister Rachita Ram also artists. Recently she got married to Vinod Gowda. Nithya Ram has acted in few Kannada films as well. Nithya Ram’s sister also started to work in the TV series and films as well like her. 

Nithya Ram TV Show

Currently, she is doing the lead role in Nandhini serial named as Ganga. This is one of the commercial hit in recent times for TV serials. The story line narrated between a family and a snake. Few of the popular stars were cast with some new artists in this TV series. Sundar.C wrote the story and directed by Raj Kapoor. It’s a high TRP rated TV show in Tamil Nadu, lacks viewers started to follow and watch this series every day from the Sun TV. Nithya Ram character in the Nandhini serial portrayed well, and her acting also proved that she could be one of the leading actresses for the upcoming years in the TV shows.

Nithya Ram Journey to Film Industry

Very often to see an actress debut after she got married. But Nithya Ram did it; she entered the cine field after she got married to Vinod Gowda in 2014. Then she entered into the films, TV series and performing one of the leading actresses in TV shows. In the beginning, she was performing classical dances in many stages. Nithya Ram was not allowed for acting in the films and TV shows by her family members. After few months Nithya Ram husband Vinod Gowda allowed her to act in films and TV serials. They also advised Nithya Ram to showcase only her acting talent rather than casting glamour roles on screen. She also following it and proved her acting skills to the world with recent performances.

Biography of Actress Nithya Ram

As biotechnology student, Nithya Ram has also worked for few years in the same field. But she never dropped acting dream from her mind. As a result, she finally becomes a superb actress and best performer. Nithya Ram being a classical dancer from her childhood age, wanted to be an actress in future. Her dream has come true, and she could be a leading actress now, competing with other leading actresses with her roles. Nithya Ram biography also the best example of passion and hard work to achieve your dream comes true. Muddu Manase is the best big screen Nithya Ram movies till now.

Nithya Ram Marriage and Debut Film

Nithya Ram has got married to Vinod Gowda before her debut in the film industry. After the marriage, she debuted in the film named Muddu Manase in 2015. It’s a Kannada romantic film acted by Aru Gowda, Nithya Ram and Aishwarya Nag. The film was directed by Ananth Shain. Both the actresses made their debut through this movie and the movie treated as one of the best love scripts from the director. Music for the film composed by Vineeth Raj Menon. The film was screened with six tracks; also movie got mixed reviews from the fans. Before her debut in the film, she played a role in Tamil serial named Aval.

Nithya Ram Family

Nithya Ram has a small family with a younger sister named Rachita Ram and her father mother. Her sister also classical dancers who have performed more than 50 stages. Then she also entered in the cine field as an actress after Nithya Ram movies entry. Now both the sisters were continuing their acting career successfully. The younger one got the opportunity with the mystery where the photographer showed the younger ones to the director instead of the elder sister. Rachita Ram doesn’t have any idea about acting, but she was forced to perform in the screens by the director. Both the sisters have supports from Nithya Ram family for their career and welfare at any time. Nithya Ram family photos also available in online and social networks which were posted by her, on the official accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Nithya Ram Instagram.

Nithya Ram Hot Photos

Nithya Ram Hot Photos

After the Nandhini serial hit from Sun TV, Nithya Ram photos, Nithya Ram family photos, wallpapers, pictures and more searched by her fans. The fan followings also increased for Nithya Ram after her performance in the TV serial. Most of the followers set Nithya Ram photos as their wallpaper, screen saver, and profile picture to show their support and love towards her. Now the Nithya Ram marriage photos, Nithya Ram and Rachita Ram photos are trending as viral in social Medias and the internet. The supporter for the serial and Nithya Ram increasing every day as the episodes go on.

Social Media Fans for Nithya Ram

Nithya Ram has got decent fans followings in recent time after the great hit of Tamil serial. Now fans were searching for Nithya Ram Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Accounts to follow and show the support. Few fans were started a Facebook fan page for Nandhini serial and Nithya Ram. Most of the viewers don’t know Nithya Ram as her real name. At the starting of the serial launch to till now the rating for the program stays high and get popular more and more because of the fans supports from social media and other forums as well.

Nithya Ram may be a future sensation in the small screen because of her recent performance in screenplays. Nithya Ram is acting also more that good compares with other senior artists who were performing with her in the screens. Now she is one of the known face to everyone in Tamil Nadu. Also, Nithya Ram photos and Nithya Ram Instagram accounts are most followed and liked by the fans in recent times.

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