Top 10 Sad, Feeling and Emotional Songs of Michael Jackson of all time

King of pop Michael Jackson has made numerous creations in Musical field and attracted the hearts of millions of people by his awesome and mesmerizing songs. Though passed away Michael Jackson still remains alive in the mind and heart of millions. Now let us see some sad songs of Michael Jackson. The list posted below is greatest songs of Michael that gives different emotions and feels melts our hearts. The top ten Michael Jackson songs that gives high emotions is posted below.

Top 10 Sad Emotional songs of Michael Jackson of all time

Feel, Sad and emotional songs of Michael

1) Earth song

The fact that humans are destroying this God created world by wars and deforestation is cleared opposed in this glorious song of Michael Jackson. The degrading process of Killing Animals for sport, cutting of trees for selfish activities of humans and creating wars worldwide that kills innocent people are clearly depicted in the video of this song which had heightened emotional response in our hearts and makes us to fight against this actions which degrades people’s lives and Earth. Michael Jackson tries to say we lost the trust of animals on us and also the love of God in this song. No doubt that this song has all the good qualities to secure the first place in our list of Michael Jackson songs.

2) Heal the world

This song of Michael Jackson is one of the biggest hit among his other hit songs. In fact this song is the favourite of many children across the world. As the name implies Michael Jackson in this song prays to heal the world and male it a better place to live. He portrays the fact that our world is full of violence and also people around the world suffer a lot without food and basic need in this song. Also in the video of this song MJ uses the children to stop the war between people which was a good sense of mind. Hence this song gets the second place in our list.

3)  Black or white

No other pop singers in the world would have talked or sung about equality as effectively as Michael Jackson did in this block buster Hit Song called Black or White. Michael Jackson was a live example who suffered a lot in his life and who stood against inequality. This song gives heavy opposition against inequality. Especially these Lyrics,
“But, if you
Thinking about being my Baby
It don’t matter
If you are Black or White
If you thinking about being my brother
It don’t matter if you are Black or White” of Michael Jackson portrays how cute he explains the fact that all people in this world are Son of God and so brothers and sisters, hence this song gets 5th place in our list.

4) Man in the Mirror

This beautiful song of Michael Jackson got the 4th place in our list and this song deserves this place because it portrays the hardships in the normal life of humans. The song speaks about the selfishness, the act of Kindness and battleships of normal men who struggles even for the basic needs in life.In this song Michael Jackson speaks to the man in the mirror which implies he speaks to himself to eradicate bad thoughts and improve the act of kindness, which must be followed by all the people for peaceful life in world.

5)   Who is it?

The greatest feel song of Michael Jackson of all time will be who is it? Video and audio of this song will melt down the heart of people who left or got avoided by their loved ones. This emotional song of Michael Jackson portrays the fact that those who miss their dear ones will cry alone at night and get affected by loneliness. The lyrics,
” And it doesn’t seems to matter
  And it doesn’t seems right
  Coz the will has brought no fortune
  Still I cry alone at night
  Don’t you judge of my composure
  Coz I am lying to myself
  And the reason why she left me
  Did she find in someone else?” found in these songs pierces the heart of mercy and loved ones. Hence this song gets the first place in our list.

6) Whatever happens

“She said whatever happens don’t let go of my hand” is a beautiful song composed by the king of pop Michael Jackson. This song gives the feel of the loved person who just doesn’t want to lose loved ones in their life. The melodious music of this awesome song melts down the heart of the hearers. This song was one of the biggest hit of Michael Jackson in the History and also acquires second place in our list of top 10 emotional songs of Michael Jackson.

7) You Rock My World

This song was a good creation by MJ along with Chris Tucker in the Album.  The screenplay of the video of this song is mesmerizing and this song portrays the feeling of a man who gives everything including his life and heart for his loved one. Especially the lines,
“You rock my world, you know you did
Everything I own I give
The Rarest love who’d think I find
Someone like you to call mine” written by Jackson in this Songs is beautiful and makes the impression of true love on everyone’s heart.

8)  We are the world

This beautiful song written by Michael Jackson mainly focuses on the innocence of beautiful children who has the ability to change the worst ways of this world by their greatest weapon of love. As the song says Children of God are the world forever and they can change the environment of this awful world. This awesome song of king of pop Michael Jackson has a good impact on children and also on us and hence placed in the 7th position in our list. 

9) Will you be there

Will you be there is a good song of Michael Jackson the makes every people to depend on God when they hear this heart melting song. This song of Michael Jackson is very peculiar because the lyric of song is written in a way that MJ speaks with God or Angel to carry and bless him in all his way. He requests Angel of god to stay with him in all difficulties in life. Hearing this song also motivates listeners to pray or speak with God and show God that they love him. This song is placed at 9th position in our list.

10)   Stranger in Moscow

As struggled as lot in life Michael Jackson is not new to the feeling of loneliness and so this song of King of Pop also speaks about the loneliness one suffers in life. The video of this song creates awesome emotional feeling among people as the video itself portrays the feeling and loneliness of many people. Finally Jackson sings that people should be happy and come out of the worst feeling of loneliness.

Hope you enjoyed this post of top 10 emotional songs as Michael Jackson…stay tuned for top 10 Michael Jackson songs of all time…

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