Top 10 Sun TV shows/program in all times

Top 10 Sun TV program: Indian Television is a giant industry not only entertaining family and people but generating revenues, you can imagine with tariffs like INR 40,000 per second of advertisement, what can be the revenue per hour and per day would be. Before knowing Top 10 Sun TV programs, let’s look at the history of Indian Television. The TV is a huge industry with thousands of programs aired in almost all the languages of the country. Not only revenues but Television in India has also created many celebrities who are considered to be the famous Bollywood, Hollywood or top sports icon of the country. Television in India is a vast industry which has thousands of programs in many languages. 50% of Indian households have television installed in their households. As of 2016 around the country has over 850 plus TV channels and around 185 plus paid channels.

Status of Regional TV Channels in India
Apart from Government channels like Doordarshan, many regional channels are darlings of regional viewers.  The company was founded by Kalanidhi Maran in the year 1992, it owns multiple TV channels and radio station in multiple language. Sun TV is its flagship, which was the first fully privately owned Tamil channel in India. Sun Group owns Hyderabad-based IPL team Sunrisers Hyderabad since 2012.
When it comes to South India and especially Tamil Nadu, in year 1992, with the launch of Tamil Sun TV south India saw the beginning of first private channel, sun TV also launched DTH service recently and Sun TV channels are available in many countries outside India.
Sun TV Network Limited – It is an Indian mass media company based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Sun TV is a part of Sun Group and is Asia’s Biggest TV network
Following success of SUN TV many regional channels came in forefront in South, namely Tamil channel Raj Channel and Malayalam Asianet launched in year 1993.
Along with these three channels, which today takes up the most of the broadcasting space in Southern India. With the launch of the Tamil Sun TV in 1992, South India saw the birth of its first private television channel. With a network comprising more than 20 channels in various South Indian languages, Sun TV network recently launched a DTH service and its channels are now available in several countries outside India. Following Sun TV, several television channels sprung up in the south. Among these are the Tamil channel Raj Television and the Malayalam channel Asianet, both launched in 1993. These three networks and their channels today take up most of the broadcasting space in South India. Sun TV Network, is Country’s largest Media giant has backed by awesome thirty three TV, it has reach of more than 27 countries mainly USA Europe, Canada, Singapore Sri Lanka, South Africa Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. Currently its channel reach to 95 plus millions of household.
The channels are – Sun TV, Sun TV HD, K TV, K TV HD, Sun Music, Sun Music HD, Sun News, Chutti TV, Adithya TV, Sun Life, Gemini TV, Gemini TV HD, Gemini Movies, Gemini Movies HD, Gemini Music, Gemini Music HD, Gemini News, Gemini Comedy, Kushi TV, Gemini Life, Udaya TV, Udaya TV HD, Udaya Movies, Udaya Music, Udaya News, Udaya Comedy, Chintu TV, Surya TV, Surya TV HD, Surya Movies, Surya Music, Surya Comedy & Kochu TV are available in multiple south Indian languages..
Sun TV Network being pioneer in Media industry it has become leading Tamil language channel in not only in South India but spreads across the globe, it was credited with broadcasting innovative shows, family drama, reality show, comedies, crime serials, spiritual shows, movies, dubbed serials and talk shows which instantly became huge hit with Tamil viewers.
Sun TV- SD and HD channels at a glance.

SD channels
Sun TV
Gemini TV
Udaya TV
Surya TV
Sun Music
Gemini Music
Udaya Music
Surya Music
Gemini Movies
Udaya Movies
Surya Movies
Sun News
Gemini News
Udaya News
Adithya TV
Gemini Comedy
Udaya Comedy
Surya Comedy
Chutti TV
Kushi TV
Chintu TV
Kochu TV
Classic (Old Films)
Sun Life
Gemini Life
Action (Discontinued)
Sun Action
Gemini Action
Suriyan TV
Surya Action
HD channels
Gemini TV HD
Udaya TV HD
Surya TV HD
Sun Music HD
Gemini Music HD
Gemini Movies HD

Sun TV4 is currently one of most watched Tamil Language television channels not only in India but also in the world and is in a fierce competition with Star Vijay TV channel.

Popular Top ten programs of Sun TV

1. Chinna Papa Periya Papa- It’s a weekend program and considered to be hit program and is comedy soap opera, because of hilarious comedy themed around Mother-in law and daughter-in –law silly activities.

2. Sun Singer – Judged by famed artiste Gangai Amaran, Anuradha Sriram and accomplished singer Kris, This is a kids singing talent show, this show gives a great platform for talented, budding and aspiring young singers.

3. Top 10 Movies – An informative review program of a countdown of the top 10 movies of the week, based on performance at the Box office by Suresh

4. Nagaichuvai Galatta -. It’s a purely comedy show based on scenes from popular Tamil movies.

5. Sunday Galatta-Comedy Show –It’s a weekend comedy show hosted by Madurai Muthu and Devadarshini. Show consist of comedy with unique humorous concept and performance.

6. Super Challenge-Super Challenge is a game show which features Tamil favorite serial artistes. It is a fun and frolic show as serial actors play and dance with great enthusiasm and sportiveness.

7. Natchathira Kabadi –It’s a reality show

8. Bhairavi – Bhairavi is a supernatural horror weekend serial. The story is about a young girl who acts as a mediator between unhappy, unsatisfied spirits and their living correlatives.

9. Valli – Valli, a family drama soap opera themed around the life of Valli and Vennila who courageously face all the adversities encountered in their family.

10. Serials- Sun TV offers awesome packages of serials like Maragatha Veenai, Thamarai, Kalyana Parisu, Nandhini and its associate’s channels are airing new and old Tamil movies round the clock through its affiliate channels offering a wide range of entertainment among kids to old group of people

Conclusion-Sun TV Network, gives an entertainment option for one to everyone through its 33 channels, they are pioneer in Television Network in South.And apart from its Top 10 programs other programs are worth watching in your free time or leisure time.

Television channels have become huge media for family entertainment and allows family to sit together and watch together keeping all away from individual sitting on internet, Tabs, Facebook and WhatsApp. There is sense of togetherness in the family, however addiction to serials and programs should be avoided, which can have serious consequences. Students bunk classes, housewives mismanage house, earning person is glued to TV watching channels not aligned to his work timings, which can cause havoc in family life, especially if crime serials are not taken in good spirit can harm growing up kids minds.

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