Top 10 Vijay TV program/shows in 2022

Top 10 Vijay TV Shows : Indian Television is a huge industry not only entertaining family and people but generating revenues, you can imagine with tariffs like INR 40,000 per second of advertisement, what can be the revenue per hour and per day would be. Before knowing Top 10 Vijay TV program, let’s look at the history of Indian Television.TV is a huge industry with thousands of programs aired in almost all the languages of country.

Vijay TV Program 2022

Not only revenues, Television in India has created many celebrities who are considered to be as cute as Bollywood, Hollywood or top sports icon of the country. Television in India is a huge industry which has thousands of programs in many languages. 50% of Indian households have television installed in their households. As of 2022 around country has over 800 plus TV channels and around 180 plus payed channels.

Regional TV Channels in India

Apart from Government channels like Doordarshan, many regional channels are darlings of regional viewers.

When it comes to South India and especially Tamil Nadu, in year 1992, with the launch of Tamil Sun TV south India saw the beginning of first private channel, sun TV also launched DTH service recently and Sun TV channels are available in many countries outside India.

Following success of SUN TV many regional channels came in forefront in South, namely Tamil channel Raj Channel and Malayalam Asianet launched in year 1993.

Along with these three channels, which today takes up the most of the broadcasting space in Southern India. With the launch of the Tamil Sun TV in 1992, South India saw the birth of its first private television channel. With a network comprising more than 20 channels in various South Indian languages, Sun TV network recently launched a DTH service and its channels are now available in several countries outside India. Following Sun TV, several television channels sprung up in the south. Among these are the Tamil channel Raj Television and the Malayalam channel Asianet, both launched in 1993. These three networks and their channels today take up most of the broadcasting space in South India. In 1994, industrialist N. P. V. Ramasamy Udayar launched a Tamil channel called GEC (Golden Eagle Communication), which was later acquired by Vijay Mallaya and renamed as Vijay TV, in year 2001 Star India subsidiary of American multinational mass media corporation 21st Century Fox took over the Vijay channel and re named it as Star Vijay. In fact in year 2013, Star Vijay channel to its credit aired first Hollywood movie Titanic dubbed in Tamil. In February 2013, Star Vijay became first Tamil channel to telecast Hollywood dub movie in Tamil.

Vijay TV later on became leading Tamil language channel in South India, it was credited with broadcasting innovative shows, family drama, reality show, comedies, crime serials, spiritual shows and talk shows which instantly became huge hit with Tamil viewers.

In year 2016 Star Vijay launched its high-definition counterpart, Star Vijay HD, Star Vijay TV HD in Canada most of Star Vijay HD channel shows in Canada are distributed through Asian Television Network known as ATN Star Vijay. ATN Star Vijay is also available through the internet protocol television services, Lebara Play. Star Vijay is currently one of most watched Tamil Language television channels not only in India but also in the world and is in a fierce competition with Sun TV4.

Priority based series in Vijay channel

Star Vijay channel is available across Country and in world through satellite, cable and IPTV. It also available through digital and mobile entertainment platform, Hotstar.

In year 2016, and in month November Star Vijay renamed itself with new logo, which appears like slim bright yellow orange logo with new graphical packaging and new slogan On 8 November 2016, Top 10 Vijay TV program Now, when it comes to 2022, there are huge number of shows impressed the people and grabbed their attention as well.

Bigg Boss Ultimate

It’s a reality show and considered to be hit program of the decade, because of its creativity and involvement of celebrities and it is considered as huge hit already. Basically, it is telecasting in the name of vijay tv live program.

Super Singer Junior 8

“Super Singer 2 Tamil”, ” Super Singer 3 Tamil”, ” Super Singer 4 Tamil”, ” Super Singer 5 Tamil” and more. Now continuing with Super Singer junior 8 from several season this programs nurture and air new talents with singing abilities who are also given chance in playback singing.

Neeya Naana

An informative Vijay TV program on current topics, where various perspective are shared with openness covering best of the current topics.

Mouna Raagam 2

It is the series that highly focus on the young girl’s life named Shakthi who lost her mother and didn’t have any information about father. Later, she was adapted by birth father. Well, the season was a good hit and season 2 launched before some months which is gaining the attention.


Currently, it is considered to be the best serial telecasted in Vijay TV. The serial is highly focused on the core character named Baakiyalakshmi and she has three kids. Well, her husband gopinath has not interested to love her, but looking forward to live with his ex-girlfriend.

Cooku with Comali 3

This is cookery show done by talented chef Venkatesh Bhat and is tremendous hit because of Bala, Pugazh, Sunitha, Manimegalai and more. As per the sources, it is already turned to be the huge hit among the people.

KPY Champions Season 2

A purely comedy Vijay TV program which has earned the the title of best entertainer among all the other programs of Star Vijay TV. The chemistry between judge and participation is great and hilarious, comedy is a serious art, which you will come to know after watching this show.

Bharathi Kannamma

The story is revolved around the dusky complexioned girl. As per the current sources, the serial is highly popular among the family audience and they are very much interested to watch further. Even there are several memes circulating across social medias which indicates its popularity. You can also check out this vijay tv program timing today across internet.

Senthoora Poove

This Indian Tamil Language serial is quite popular among the people as it contains good core content to grab the family audience. The series comes up with actors like Ranjith, Sreenithi menon and more. Well, it is currently telecasting in this Vijay TV.

Pandiyan Stores

Well, this is the serial highly watching by millions as the story revolves around the brothers. This Good family drama is already grabbed the attention of people and still managed to continues. You can also check out this vijay tv serial promo regularly.

Top 10 Vijay TV program

Television channels have become huge media for family entertainment and allow family to sit together and watch together keeping all away from individual sitting on internet, Tabs, Facebook and WhatsApp. Also, you can check out vijay tv schedule today for further watching. There is sense of togetherness in the family, however addiction to serials and programs should be avoided, which can have serious consequences. Students bunk classes, housewives mismanage house, earning person is glued to TV watching channels not aligned to his work timings, which can cause havoc in family life, especially if crime serials are not taken in good spirit can harm growing up kids minds.

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